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Take the plunge and get into water gardening, its easier than you think! From simple patio ponds and fountains, to keeping fish or turtles, Garden State Koi can help answer your questions and provide everything you need to bring a slice of paradise to your backyard!

Enjoy the bubbling sounds of water

You can enjoy a water feature in your yard even if you don't want to install a water garden. Let the professionals at Garden State Koi discuss the variety of fountains, bubbling urns and other low maintenance water features with you.

Natural Waterfalls are our Specialty!

The installation crew at Garden State Koi can only be described in one way, they are artists with wood, stone and water. The waterfalls that we create will look as if they have always been in place on the property, with a certain randomness that only a true artist could create.

Bubbling Basalt Columms

We can install simple water features to enhance any living space. Simple fountains can be installed at your business entrance, or in your backyard, anywhere you choose!

Winter is here!

So be sure to keep a hole open in your ice with an aerator and / or a heater! We prefer to use both, it makes for a redundant system, and is energy efficient at the same time.

Garden State Koi is the Tri-State's Largest Watergarden Superstore!

We carry a full line of pond supplies at Garden State Koi. Everything from the fundamentals like underliner, liner and filtration, to an array of fittings that makes any connection possible, we have it all. Bubbling urns, pumps, fountains, fish food and even FISH! We are a full service retail store that has what you need in stock, every time.


Garden State Koi can design and install a water feature for you to suit any size or budget. From fountains and pondless waterfalls to full blown koi ponds, we install them all!


Garden State Koi performs maintenance on all sizes of ponds.


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Let Garden State Koi supply your landscaping or water feature business with everything you need to create beautiful aquatic landscaping additions.


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Let the Installation Crew at Garden State Koi bring a slice of paradise to your yard!

The professionals at Garden State Koi can transform your backyard into your own personal paradise. From custom designed koi ponds and beautiful pondless waterfalls, to fountains and other water features, Garden State Koi can bring the tranquility of water to your yard.

Let our professionals use their skills and artistic vision to create a water feature that surpasses your expectations. From the natural look of a meandering stream, to the tranquil sounds of a gurgling brook and waterfalls, the Pond Guys at Garden State Koi can bring this to YOUR backyard!

Contact us today to see how we can transform your backyard in your own personal oasis!